What Is STEM Education

Science Education

Taught with other subjects to promote understanding of the natural world.

Technology Education

Integrated with Science to develop innovative solutions and skills.

Engineering Education

Combined with Science and Technology to design, build, and problem-solve.

Mathematics Education

Connected with the other subjects to develop analytical and computational thinking.

Message of PEC Chairman

Engr. Muhammad Najeeb Haroon

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is dedicated to fostering opportunities for its members and enhancing the export of Pakistani engineering expertise globally, with a focus on advancing STEM education. PEC ensures fair and transparent procedures aligned with international standards, promoting a knowledge-based economy and showcasing local engineering as technologically advanced. This effort not only contributes to economic growth but also inspires the next generation of STEM professionals. The launch of initiatives like this highlights Pakistani engineering talent on a global scale, with special recognition to Engr Mir Masood Rashid and his team for their visionary leadership.


Message of Convenor, PPDC


Engr. Mir Masood Rashid

The initiatives led by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) are aimed at creating opportunities and providing resources for engineers across Pakistan, with a strong focus on STEM education. The PEC's efforts, spearheaded by NAJEEB Haroon, are committed to increasing Pakistan’s technological exports, with Pakistani engineers leading the way. As part of our commitment to STEM education, PEC ambassadors will educate students in classes 6th, 7th, and 8th about the importance of STEM in their professional development. I would like to recognize and appreciate the hard work of my team in completing this project, which contributes to our collective efforts in advancing STEM education and innovation in Pakistan.

Meet Our Team

Engr. Darshna

Chief STEM Ambassador

Neha Hafeez


Muhammad Bilal Noor


Engr. Daniyal Hameed

Secetary PPDC

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